UMD Undergraduate Research Journal

Call for Submissions

The University of Maryland's undergraduate research journal, Scientific Terrapin, is now accepting submissions of your research findings in the fields of life sciences, applied sciences, and social sciences. The preferred deadline for submissions to the Spring 2013 issue is February 15, 2012. Submissions after the deadline will be reviewed as well; however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to publish it in the Spring edition if it is accepted. If you did work with a mentor on campus, had a research internship off-campus, wrote a research paper for a course, or have an abridged Honors thesis or Gemstone paper, we encourage you to submit your research manuscript for review. Take the opportunity today to share your work with the University of Maryland community by publishing in Scientific Terrapin. See our review process and submissions guidelines for further details.

Scientific Terrapin models our review process after professional journals. It is designed in a manner to provide authors rigorous and valuable criticism to help them learn about the scientific writing process and to improve the quality of their analysis. Upon submission of a manuscript, a qualified student editorial staff conducts an initial peer review. Components such as quality of analysis, scope of work, and quality of writing are evaluated. The manuscript is then returned to the author with a request for revisions. Revised manuscripts are then shared with University of Maryland faculty members in the field of the work in review. Faculty members evaluate the quality of the work and its contribution to the field. The recommendations of faculty members deem whether the work is published. Any required revisions are returned to the author to make changes. A final version of the manuscript is then prepared to publish in the journal.

Please send any questions or submissions to If you are interested in joining Scientific Terrapin as a member, please email us. We always welcome new members for positions ranging from editorial to layout design to publicity, among others. We are also looking for graphics staff members to design journal layouts, news/features writers to cover the most exciting science on campus, and social sciences editors to review manuscripts. Our weekly meetings take place on Thursdays at 6:30pm in JMZ 0105.